Tuesday, 28 May 2019


Loosing weight is the big accomplishment for a person. Every person want to look slim and fit but the thing is the person need to know the right way to loose extra kgs.

  • People use various means, exercises, diets to loose weight but they don't know what is the real way  to make their efforts worth it. Most of the diets plans end up in eating unhealthy and calorious food. But the right way to loose weight also include focusing on the body part which is problematic than other body parts. 

Exercising refers to working out with the body in different ways which include running, squatting,performing planks, stretching, lunges, dancing, skipping rope, yoga etcetera.

Running is proved to be the best exercises to boost your metabolism and which help you to shed extra kilos.
Running focus on lower LIMBS and help your limbs to get into shape.
 It build up the muscular strength of the legs.
Running for half an hour a day is beneficial to loose the fat cells in the legs

Cycling is the best exercise to loose lower limb fat.
Further it tone up the thigh and shins muscles.
It increases the strength of the body.
Cycling for an hour a day burns 300-400 kcal fat.
Making cycling a daily regime is highly beneficial.
Cycling in the gym and in the outdoor both are beneficial.

Thigh fat is most difficult to loose and a the most problematic area among women.
To loose thigh fat following exercise are beneficial.

Squats are of different types-

Squatting refers to sitting in half legs bend position without any support.
They highly focus on the inner and outer thigh parts. Squats make the cellulite and gluten to get converted into muscles by highly breaking down the fat cells and making the thighs get toned.

Start with few reps of squats and keep on increasing the repetitions.
Increase your squats count weekly
Go for about 3-4 reps in the beginning and keep on increasing the repetitions.


Lunges are considered as the muscle strengthening exercise. The body parts mostly effected by lunges are the thighs. They keep the muscles stretched and help in tonning the internal part of the thighs.

Perform 4-5 reps a time to tone up the muscles and to get rid of excrssive fat.


People mostly found it difficult to loose lower abdominal fat and complains of not being able to fit into their older jeans.
Stomach fat mostly get accumulated because of fad eating habits and end up in bulky lower abdominal part.

The easiest way to loose the abdominal fat is by doing some exercises which focus on this area:


THE perfect posture of uttanasana highly stretches abdominal muscles 

Stretches the lower abdominal muscles and spine. Also used to straighten the posture.
The yogasana which stretches the spine and contracts the abdominal muscles therfore its very much helpful to reduce the stomach fat and cure the spinal injuries. 

Sarvangasana focus on cervical area and lower abdomen, its stretches the cervical and abdominal muscles and make them flexible

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Loose fat not hope


Loosing extra kilos is not that difficult as we think .Its just require a good diet and a daily fitness regime.
•Loosing weight is not a rocket science.It just require some extra time and efforts.
•Choose a diet plan foryourself because everyone's body reacts differently to a particular food.
•metabolism also matters to give us a particular body shape but a wise eating habit will also bring the same results.
•learn to say bye to fad diet.
If you just thoughts about loosing weight then let your ideas bloom and give it a reality check.
Here are some ideas to put your first step towards loosing extra inches:
No matter how much busy your schedule is or how much busy you are go for atleast 8-10 glass of water a day, as it'll cleanse your body out of toxins.
 - Don't confuse your thirst with your hunger, whenever you think to eat in between meals firstly drink a glass for water and if within 20 min if you still feel hungry it means you need to eat something.
-Drink a glass of water half an hour before meal.
Other forms of liquid intakes-
•lime water
•green tea
•butter milk

Snacking bad will made you gain some extra kilos,as whenever you looks for eating in between meals you end up eating chips , biscuits,soft drinks,packed juices etc and thats where a person go out of track.
•Firstly,stop buying those processed foods.
•Go for nuts,fruits ,veggies etc.
•Drink water if feel munching on snacks.
•Keeps healthy snacks in your bag,shelves from where you can grab them easily.

Sugar is the main culprit why we are not loosing weight.Sugar make you gain weight faster as it an unsaturated form of fat. Foods which contain high content of sugar are :
Packed softdrinks
Dried fruits
Packed sauces
Packed yogurts etc
Rather than consuming these foods go for homemade sweets as we can keep a check on what we are eating
•Consume fruits as they contain natural sugars
•make sweets at home
•use jaggery instead of white sugar

Make a balance in your meals.Eat in small qunatities.
Don't try to eat everything in one go.
Make a diet plan.
Start your day with a healty and fibrous diet.
Eat something heavy in the morning which will keep you feel fuller for longer time.
Because breakfast is going to give you energy to perform your daily activities. Find time to eat healthy and fulfilling.
Eat slowly and steadily beacuse in hurry we eat more then our hunger.
Eat something light within 3 hours.
Keep 3 meals as the main meals and intermediately eat healthy snacks .
Eating on small portion will never let you eat a lot in one go.

Exercising don't need a timetable.
Do exercise whenever you get time.
Like in office hours leave your chairsite  and go for a little walk or practise little body moments while sitting on the chair.
 If you wanna go to buy some groceries go on a bicycle or on foot.
Daily play a game you are interested in with your family or friends.
Do your daily chores of your own.
Clean your bed, set your almirah, wash your car, dance on your favourite beats, cook your meal, laugh a lot.

Little steps towards fitness make you reach your goal easily.

BREAKFAST- The best  time to eat ...and binge!
 Start your day with 2-3 glasses of water.

Don't eat same food daily for breakfast bcz it'll be a bit boring .and if you keep on changing your type of breakfast  then happiness of eating something new make you work for your meal as,, you'll wakeup early ,,plan a meal for yourself and be able to prepare a well balanced breakfast.
Don't ever think to skip your breakfast as you'll remain lathargic for the whole day.
Or if you are not going to eat at home you'll definetly eat outside food which is higher in calories.
Best ever breakfasts:

OATMEAL-The most fibrous and nutritious choice of dieticians. A bowl of oats will be a good choice to kick start the day. It will be good if you add nuts and seeds to the bowl because nuts and seeds are full of omega3 and essential oils. A bowl of oatmeal contains 200kcal which the healthiest choice for diet conscious people.

WHEAT PORRIDGE- Wheat is the among the most essential diets.People all over the world consume wheat in various forms. And among them all the best way is to consume wheat as porridge..
A wheat porridge is rich in lots of essential nutrients.
It is the most acient form of food.

BERRIES AND YOGURT:Yogurt is enriched in lactobacillus which is considered good for the stomach. They are good microbes and help in aiding digestion.
Berries are good source of vitamins and minerals and are conidered as a wonder food.
Yogurt and berries can be consumed in the form of smoothies or yogurt salad with toppings of nuts..

WHOLE WHEAT TORTILLA WRAPS:Wraps are very easy to prepare in the morning and contains the amount of nutrients that is required to start the day.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Listen to your sixth sense

Listen to your inner senses because there lies an answer somewhere  in your deep senses.whenever a person is in dilemma and is not able to decide then its good to take a breath and try to find an answer from yourself
▪︎spare some time in a day for yourself..listen to your soul and take wiser decision.
▪︎Never underestimate the power of your mind because we are not familiar with the fact that how much we have gathered and stored in it till the day we are born.Therefore all we can say that plethora of solutions lie in our mind.

Meditation refers to making a contact with your inner soul.Meditation help you to attain that state of mind which is more stable and focused.
•There lies a meditation point in between the centre of your eyes where we can contact ourself to our mind.
•By doing this a devine connection can be made with the inner soul and we are able to contact the power of universe.
•Meditate help you to keep your mind stable and the chances of getting distracted also decreases.

It bring solutions to the questions which arose in our mind.Persob is able to see new possibilities in life.
A great achiever always deeply connects his mind to find solutions and bring a stability in his life.
Great minds always work in state of controlled emotions.  In the days of past great leaders, spiritual teachers, kings and queens focus on meditation Otherwise its true that how they are going to rule the world if they are not mentally stable. Few examples are:
Meera Bai the queen of Mewar was the deep follower of God and the sense of relaxation and mental stabiliy she achieved was only because of her deep connection to her inner soul by meditation.
Another example is of Lord Buddha who was a king. But rather than being a king he left his throne and went into deep state of meditation to connect his soul. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Dental health

The smile is the first noticed thing of a person.Healthy teeth are the sign of healthy lifestyle.Here are some tips to get a beautiful smile by taking care of your teeth.
 Everyone is familiar with the fact that a person need to brush his teeth twice daily .But its necessary to know the right way to brush the teeth .And the right way is to use Modified Bass Method which is done by usingfollowingsteps:

Futher choosing a good toothpaste is very important .Choose a toothpaste which have the flouride content of 1000-1500ppm .Various companies are producing toothpaste with good flouride content like Colgate,Pepsodent ,closeup ,sensodyne etc.
Flossing is a way of cleaning your teeth interdentally because a toothpaste bristles can't reach these areas.Flossing is done by a floss which is made up of nylon or teflon. Use following steps to do flossing efficiently:

Mouthwash is anti-septic in nature which is used to kill bacterias and decrease plaque accumulation in the mouth.It is used alongwith toothbrushing and flossing.Various mouthwash are available now a day like
▪︎bezoic acid
▪︎chlorhexidine diglutonate
with brand names:
Colgate plax
Oralixir etc.
●Eating habits:
Dental health varies a lot with our eating habits. Sticky,sugary,acidic foods cause a severe damage to the teeth.As such type of food stick to the teeth and lead to cavities .Therefore its important to choose our food wisely.IF your have eaten such kind of food go for mouth rinse.
Opt healthy fibrous food for your dental health.Eat your veggies like raw carrots,radish,cucumber etc or fruits like apple,guava,pear etc which are very much good for your dental health.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Make your ambitions rule your mind

Nothing can stop you if you are yourself clear about your goals.Make them a prefrence and start a way to reach them..which will stop -only when your goal is achieved.
Let you mind do it
Always keep on thinking about new ideas and innovations through which you can improvise.
And the best ways to do this are-
•read new books
•find new ideas on intrenet
▪︎study the life histories of sucessful persons.
•Play games which improve your IQ
•Sir with the intellectual persons and try to grab whatever they say and think.
•Always keep on thinking on new ways to innovate.

Make your ambitions your priority and always try to find the ways which can connect you to your goals.
•Make a set goal of your life
•Enlist those things which'll end up in helping you to reach your destination.
•Prioritize the things which are connected to your ambitions.
•for example,if you wanna be a enterprenurer start investing for it now  ,and in the biggest priority for a buisnessman is time and mindpower -therefore value your time and make it your priority. Always try to build your mindpower
 TRUST yourself
Be a person of values because if you are going to value yourself then only the society will value you and show their interest and trust in you.
•No matter how much time it'll take you to reach your goal but self confidence will never let you loose hope.
•Don't loose confidence from negativities that sorround you ..

Cosult the expertise
Nothing is better than a mentor.Because they are the masters of that field and thier experience will motivate and guide you.
Look for the ways the leader follow and try not only to follow them but also to embed them in your work life.
Your ambitions will become stronger if you look forward towards the sucess rate of the person who is on the top.
The hunger to do something make you t

Positivity :Mantra for healthy life style

Positive thoughts make the person conquer his soul and help him to find a way to cut out all the negativies.Try to live among positive people or the people you love and you will naturally think positive and do positive.
●Stay in contact with someone who is optimistic.
●pause for a while to give yourself sometime to figureout good things.
●Meditate,concentrate and then do something great.
●Never let your rivalries seize your happiness because no one can rule over your mind except you.

Opptimism is the key to a bolder life. It is said that sucessfull is not that person who is smart but the person who is bold.. Gaining the confidence is the most crucial stage of one's life.
Opptimism give us the strength to take our decisions boldly. Because life  is an ongoing process it never stops at any point... Even if you are not seeing any progress in your work make your opptimism work for you and don't forget that progress, sucess only come to that person who had never stopped on a point in his life.
Circumstances will try to downfall you, and demotivate you never ever let them to be a barrier in your life.
Play the game of

Thursday, 18 April 2019

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Loosing weight is the big accomplishment for a person. Every person want to look slim and fit but the thing is the person need to know the ...