Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Listen to your sixth sense

Listen to your inner senses because there lies an answer somewhere  in your deep senses.whenever a person is in dilemma and is not able to decide then its good to take a breath and try to find an answer from yourself
▪︎spare some time in a day for yourself..listen to your soul and take wiser decision.
▪︎Never underestimate the power of your mind because we are not familiar with the fact that how much we have gathered and stored in it till the day we are born.Therefore all we can say that plethora of solutions lie in our mind.

Meditation refers to making a contact with your inner soul.Meditation help you to attain that state of mind which is more stable and focused.
•There lies a meditation point in between the centre of your eyes where we can contact ourself to our mind.
•By doing this a devine connection can be made with the inner soul and we are able to contact the power of universe.
•Meditate help you to keep your mind stable and the chances of getting distracted also decreases.

It bring solutions to the questions which arose in our mind.Persob is able to see new possibilities in life.
A great achiever always deeply connects his mind to find solutions and bring a stability in his life.
Great minds always work in state of controlled emotions.  In the days of past great leaders, spiritual teachers, kings and queens focus on meditation Otherwise its true that how they are going to rule the world if they are not mentally stable. Few examples are:
Meera Bai the queen of Mewar was the deep follower of God and the sense of relaxation and mental stabiliy she achieved was only because of her deep connection to her inner soul by meditation.
Another example is of Lord Buddha who was a king. But rather than being a king he left his throne and went into deep state of meditation to connect his soul. 



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