Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Dental health

The smile is the first noticed thing of a person.Healthy teeth are the sign of healthy lifestyle.Here are some tips to get a beautiful smile by taking care of your teeth.
 Everyone is familiar with the fact that a person need to brush his teeth twice daily .But its necessary to know the right way to brush the teeth .And the right way is to use Modified Bass Method which is done by usingfollowingsteps:

Futher choosing a good toothpaste is very important .Choose a toothpaste which have the flouride content of 1000-1500ppm .Various companies are producing toothpaste with good flouride content like Colgate,Pepsodent ,closeup ,sensodyne etc.
Flossing is a way of cleaning your teeth interdentally because a toothpaste bristles can't reach these areas.Flossing is done by a floss which is made up of nylon or teflon. Use following steps to do flossing efficiently:

Mouthwash is anti-septic in nature which is used to kill bacterias and decrease plaque accumulation in the mouth.It is used alongwith toothbrushing and flossing.Various mouthwash are available now a day like
▪︎bezoic acid
▪︎chlorhexidine diglutonate
with brand names:
Colgate plax
Oralixir etc.
●Eating habits:
Dental health varies a lot with our eating habits. Sticky,sugary,acidic foods cause a severe damage to the teeth.As such type of food stick to the teeth and lead to cavities .Therefore its important to choose our food wisely.IF your have eaten such kind of food go for mouth rinse.
Opt healthy fibrous food for your dental health.Eat your veggies like raw carrots,radish,cucumber etc or fruits like apple,guava,pear etc which are very much good for your dental health.

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